Floyd Rose Original
Floyd Rose Original

Original, Vibrato Guitare de la marque Floyd Rose.

contenu en anglais
jkessel 02/05/2012

Floyd Rose Original : l'avis de jkessel (contenu en anglais)

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I got this on a guitar I bought used. Took it off and put it on one of my better guitars. Luckily it was a direct replacement so I didn't need to do any retrofitting. Only problem is the nut is much taller than other brands so I'd either have to shave down the neck shelf or use a different nut. I went from a cheap licensed one that the knife edges had dulled out resulting in not returning to "zero" so it wouldn't stay in tune. This was a great upgrade. Now I can dive bomb, squeal, and flutter without it ever going out of tune. The trem bar sit in and has a thumb collar that screws on, personally I like it a lot. Allows me to loosen or tighten it just buy turning the collar, I don't have to spin the bar around 20 times like other trems.
Another great feature is it comes with a brass block. Brass has been used in instruments for a long time for it's great musical qualities. It transfers vibrations and resonates very well so it's much preferred over other metals. There are upgrades for it such as a brass “big block” which just has more mass to make more resonance. There are also titanium blocks but I have no experience with them.
I have nothing bad to say about it but there are a few companies who do. Recently Suhr and Tom Anderson guitars have stopped using the Original floyd rose in favor if the Gotoh floyd rose. Stating the Original has severely dropped in quality in recent years. Also stating that on average every few pieces they get in have to be machined and ground to take off little bumps and edges that would mess up intonation and a good contact point. I haven't experienced any problems so I won't comment. I do own a 1990 schaller and new gotohs so I'll do reviews on those as well.