Toontrack The Metal Foundry SDX
Toontrack The Metal Foundry SDX

The Metal Foundry SDX, Batterie virtuelle de la marque Toontrack appartenant à la série Superior Drummer.

contenu en anglais
stompboxjon 14/01/2013

Toontrack The Metal Foundry SDX : l'avis de stompboxjon (contenu en anglais)

« You will be hooked! »

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The Metal Foundry SDX is made by Toontrack and it is the metal expansion pack that our group was looking for. We have been through a lot of different expansion packs but none of them had that metal feel. We heard about The Metal Foundry after spending hours online researching for metal packs. We had a chance to check out some of the sounds that come with this pack before purchasing it.


Some of the kicks that made us want this pack so bad were the Ludwig Amber Vistalite and the DW Collectors Series kicks. All of the samples are really good though; those were just the ones we had the chance to try out before we made the purchase. After hearing some of the snares like the Tomas Haake Engineering 7x13 snare and the Pearl Free Floating 5x14 there was no question we were going to spend the money and get this pack right away.


Installing the Foundry SDX was not that quick though; for some reason all of these drum samples take a long time to load into the computer. But it was well worth the wait because now we have every single drum sound that we need to have for our style of music.
I really like all of the grooves are very good and the fills too, you can play around and switch the drums up to give it a different feel. It comes with your complete drum sounds from kicks and snares to toms and cymbals/hats. There is nothing that you do not get with this pack. If you need metal or rock drums this is the pack to get. This is by far the best metal drum kit you will find online or in a store. If you need to hear some of the samples just check on the website to hear how great the drums are. You will be hooked after the demo!