Gyraf Audio SSL Stereo Compressor Clone
Gyraf Audio SSL Stereo Compressor Clone

SSL Stereo Compressor Clone, Compresseur de studio de la marque Gyraf Audio.

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moosers 29/09/2011

Gyraf Audio SSL Stereo Compressor Clone : l'avis de moosers (contenu en anglais)


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Gyraf Audio SSL Stereo Compressor is a two channel compressor that is modeled after the SSL console compressors. These are also made by SSL themselves, although I'm not totally sure if Gyraf has made their version an exact replica, but I would assume that it's really close if not. This is an analog piece of gear and I'm not sure what the connections on it are since the studio that I used it at already had it hooked up to their system. It is a single space rack mountable piece of gear.


It's not difficult to use Gyraf Audio SSL Stereo Compressor, especially if you're familiar with any of the other SSL compressor models, or even compressors in general. It's got parameters to control threshold, ratio, attack, release, gain make up, and bypass. That's everything you need to know, so if you know the basics of compressors, you won't need a manual.


The sound of the Gyraf Audio SSL Stereo Compressor is everything you'd expect from an SSL style compressor. It's super clean and transparent sounding, with the ability to be effective in a number of scenarios. I recently got the chance to use one of these at a studio I was working at and I decided to use it on drum overhead mics. I didn't compress too much since I don't like hitting things hard going into tape since it's not reversible, but I did touch them to keep the level right. Having used other SSL compressors, the GSSL is definitely in the same league as it sounds fantastic.


While I can't say if it's worth it to get the Gyraf Audio SSL Stereo Compressor over those made directly by SSL, but it's definitely worth a look. I haven't gone shopping for this since I used it in a studio that already had it, but if I was after a stereo compressor I'd certainly do my homework on this one and the other SSL compressors. This is one of the most transparent compressors in the game, so all pros in the market for something like it need to give it a whirl.