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FP User 01/11/2008

Yamaha 01X : l'avis de FP User (contenu en anglais)


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Rapport qualité/prix : Excellent
Wow were do I start. If you own a computer and like me have a budget then buy this. My computer is 2.5Gb Athlon, 512 RAM which is fine for me because I use external synths, but once I add a few effects in cubase and EQ it starts to struggle. Now I do all my processing externally through the 01X, EQ, effects etc are a breeze for the 01X so the only strain on my CPU now is the track count. Also as a controller for Cubase it's flawless and now Yamaha own Steinberg this is only gonna get better. I use alot of MIDI gear so if I'm gonna split hairs the 01X could do with a few more MIDI channels. To sum up if I was to put together a recording system like the one I have without using the would cost me at least 3 times the price and would probably be half as good and trying to get them all to live together in harmoney would probably give me a few more ulcers!!!!!!

Price paid

999 GBP


Easy peasy, done exactly what it sais on the tin. However the site will show you some folks who have had a few problems!

Works fine after 18M


The sound quality of this unit is amazing. The pre amps are top drawer. AD/DA is so good it's untrue. The only problem I have sound wise is with the reverb. However I must tell you that I use the Alesis Midiverb 4 which although cheap (I paid 70 GBP) I think it is untouchable in it's price range.


I won a few quid recently and upgraded my gear....the only bit of kit I couldn't find anything better forafter 18 months was my Yammy (my pet name ssshhhhh she's asleep)

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