Marshall Shred Master
Marshall Shred Master

Shred Master, Distorsion Guitare de la marque Marshall appartenant à la série Effects.

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moosers 31/01/2010

Marshall Shred Master : l'avis de moosers (contenu en anglais)


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Rapport qualité/prix : Excellent
The Marshall Shred Master is a distortion pedal that I have experience using with an electric guitar.  Of course like most pedals you can use this with any electronic instrument, but it is designed for guitar and that is the only instrument that I have used the pedal with.  The pedal is pretty basic as far as characteristics, containing a 1/4" input and output and the option to power it with either nine volt power supply or battery.  This can't be racked up in anyway as it is to be controlled by your foot.


The Marshall Shred Master has a good amount of different parameters to work with, although you can't get too many varying sounds from the pedal.  Rather, it just allows you to finely tune the one sound that it is good at.  You've got parameters for gain, bass, contour, treble, and volume.  Even if you don't have much experience with distortion pedals, you should be able to use the pedal easily since it really only has knobs for volume/gain control and EQ.  If you find that this is too complicated for you, I'd check out the manual, but I haven't seen it myself so I can't say anything about the way that it is put together.


While the Marshall Shred Master does lack versatility in terms of the kinds of music that it can be used with, the sounds that it can get are pretty impressive.  The pedal is really only suitable for use with heavier forms of rock and heavy metal as the distortion heard from the pedal is really heavy.  I guess I can see this coming in useful in other scenarios, but for the most part this should be treated as a pedal to be used for metal and heavy rock.  I generally don't play too much heavy rock, so I've only used this pedal in a number of instances for recording sessions with a hard rock band, and was definitely able to get some pretty thick and full distortion tones with the pedal. 


Since the Marshall Shred Master is no longer manufactured, and has become well known among pedal connoisseurs, used models of the pedal go for quite a bit of money.  This isn't to say that it is the most expensive pedal out there, but it won't be all that cheap to get one of these in your hands - especially considering that it isn't too versatile of a pedal.  However, if you play a lot of heavy rock music and need a fat distortion pedal, I'd definitely try this one out as it will give you that thick and full distortion sound without a doubt.