MOTU FreeStyle
MOTU FreeStyle

FreeStyle, Editeur MIDI de la marque MOTU.

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moosers 07/06/2009

MOTU FreeStyle : l'avis de moosers (contenu en anglais)

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MOTU FreeStyle is a piece of software that is used for making MIDI based compositions.  The software has an extremely easy to use interface and is really designed for those who are new with making MIDI music.  The interface of the software is very user friendly and won't take too long for users to get used to using this software.  I've never had an compatibility issues with this software and it always ran pretty smoothly for me while I was using it.  Everything is laid out smartly and the basic functions are very easy to spot and access.  The manual for this software is pretty thorough but unless you are an absolute beginner it probably isn't necessary to have.


I haven't ever had too much trouble with this software when it comes to it running quickly and efficiently.  I'm always able to run as many MIDI tracks at once as I need to and it always runs smoothly while doing so.  While it depends what system you are running it on, as I've only run it on a PC, it should run pretty well even on systems that aren't all that great. 


I've been using MOTU FreeStyle for about seven or eight years since I got acquainted with it during school.  It is a really easy piece of software to use and because of this it isn't capable of all that much beyond its basic function.  This software is designed for beginners and if you are a professional I would recommend looking into MOTU Digital Performer as it is a much more detailed piece of software.  MOTU FreeStyle is really cheap and I would definitely recommend picking it up if you are new with MIDI and want to get your feet wet, but if you are serious about making music I would look elsewhere to software that is more in depth.