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theaudioandvideoguy 31/05/2012

Yamaha HS50M : l'avis de theaudioandvideoguy (contenu en anglais)

« best for the price range »

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These are Active Studio monitors that can be used for home or in a major studio setting. But I recommend using them at home. I have them going through my maudio interface running with my pc. For some reason any time I use these I get a clean mix. Even a better mix than I get when using the krk 8’s. They have a flat sound that doesn’t over due anything. Most the time when you get monitors there are something that isn’t accurate either the low the hi’s or the mids. Everything with the HS50M’s seem to be flat and accurate. I have compared these to so many different monitors its crazy. I have come to the conclusion for the price range for a pair of these you wont find a better set on the market. Or atleast you couldn’t up untill about a year or so ago. There may be something better for the price on the market now but im not sure.


If you are looking for a clean sound then these are the way to go. Yamaha has provided us with so many great products over the years . They have also had some that have went bad for me but not these. The HS50M’s continue to work great and cause no problems when using them in any size room and at any level they give a great sound. crisp hi’s and clean low’s and a mid section to balance it all out and give an overall great sound.


Overall, these are some of the only pairs in this price range that I will recommend doing a master in . You can get a great master in these like you could with a set of 2,000 dollar monitors. I have done mixes in these and in some really expensive monitors in a major studio and you cant tell the difference. The only thing that was really different is the low end thumped a little more overall when I was using this to master. But I do like my music fuller and thicker so they fit me perfectly.