Sherman FilterBank V1
Sherman FilterBank V1

FilterBank V1, Filtre de la marque Sherman.

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V1 = poudre aux yeux.



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1 Posté le 16/12/2019 à 13:23:22
Ras le bol de ces vendeurs qui argumentent "la V1 est bien meilleure que la V2 gnagnagna"
et paf, prix d'occaze à l'avenant.:rocket:
c'est une vue de l'esprit, la V1 n'étant pas meilleure que la V2, ce serait même peut-être plutôt l'inverse.
Compulser les forums des 2 permet de se faire une idée.
à bon entendoir bonsoir.

2eme LP disponible: (vynil & CD)


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2 Posté le 23/12/2019 à 17:26:18
Exactement ! Pour ceux qui se demandent les différences c'est très simple, il y a tout ça en plus dans la V2 :

Citation de :
The original Sherman Filterbank (Version 1) is no longer being made (we are also sold-out) and is thus now completely being replaced by this new version !

The global look has remained the same, but there have been added several strong functions. To summarize :

There are 5 extra NEW SWITCHES, 1 extra INPUT (for footpedal), 2 extra new LEDs, a NEW COLOR (silver-grey) with an improved (long-lasting) varnish layer.
The inner electronics have also been adapted to achieve an EVEN BETTER SOUND-QUALITY
We also do have new packing-boxes (silver, with photo on upper side), new flashy stickers (silver) and new adaptors (with Sherman-logo).
All this with the famous solid SHERMAN-QUALITY and the well-known thorough & speedy AFTER-SALES service (repairs).


There are 5 extra switches and 2 extra LEDs, and on the back panel there's one pedal input jack. A reworked front-panel lay-out and the grey metal color.

The pedal input allows foot control of freq1and bypass/effect switching. You can rewire an old wah (because they have a switch on board) as shown by te diagram in ‘extra stuff’.
A 5mm big green LED indicates "Effect on" on the FB 2
A 3-way switch on the input stage allows Hi boost as well Hi cut (both boosting high frequencies at input)
Another 3-way switch allows "Sensitrig" (which makes the triggering twice as sensitive for, e.g. clean string pad filtering) and "Limit", which leaves the filters more "breathing room" for self-oscillation if the input stage is extremely overdriven.
A 3-way switch has 2 general transpose functions : +1 Octave and + Quint which works nice with monophonic signals, and has a specific dirty character.
A 3-way switch for the really powerful and quite revolutionary "Tracking" function - a monophonic pitch follower, that tunes filter 2 to the incoming pitch, and makes filter 1 slave of filter 2 via the harmonics switch. E.g. in position 2, filter 1 will be pitched one octave higher than filter 2, but still following the pitch. This extra switch activates the "tracking" in a normal or deep "track low" position, with stunning basses as result.

The "revolutionary" aspect of this function is that never before any similar system enhances "on the spot" harmonics and creates new harmonics with fat analog circuits.
An extra white LED indicates when the tracking system is "locked on".
At last there is an 3-way function switch in the LFO section, allowing sawtooth wave shape OR AR retrig : this forces an LFO restart from the AR trig with pumping grooves as unavoidable result. If you want to receive a new brochure, please ask your dealer first.


Here ADSR trigger 'freezes' in the red zone of the LFO,
This bizar 'feature' is incorporated after a batch of FB's accidentally got 3-pos switches.
The LFO has a randomly influence on the ADSR.
The working of this is very dependent on the ADSR settings and LFO speed.
The ADSR can be softly retriggered by the LFO in some ADSR settings.

NOISE GENERATOR/ FEEDBACK CIRCUIT featured in all Filterbank2 models from serial number 7786 and higher.

This circuit is activated when no jack is plugged at the input, there are 4 different modes
both outs plugged : pure noise at input *
only 'Main out' plugged : noise & feedback mixed *
only 'Out1' plugged : feedback thru filter 2 *
only 'Out1' half plugged : pre VCA tap feedback thru filter 2 *

The noise * /feedback generator is pitched by filter 1 clock sample & hold circuit
( * half plug any jack in input will stop the noise generator and thus offer alternative feedback effects)

RANGE EXTENSION FUNCTION featured in all Filterbank2 models from serial number 8280 and higher.

Prior to this serial number, in Harmonic mode, Freq2 knob and ADSR amount knob were not used.
In Harmonic mode (blue led on) while Freq2 knob and ADSR amount knob are not zero, this function will:
transpose both center frequencies
downscale the harmonic ratios gradually
cut away low on LP and BP (sounds thinner / attenuation)
boost low in HP (evolves to all pass)
create cross modulation interference distortion
via all possible Freq2 modulations : Freq2 knob, ADSR, LFO, FM and MIDI Mod wheel

The Sherman Filterbank is MIDI controllable via kenton control freaks
(a small portable hardware console, including sliders)

All the finger-tip MIDI control you need, instantly to hand. Forget your mixer maps and do it all in real-time. An ideal solution for the gigging musician, or the musician who likes to save time & settings. The Kenton Control Freaks are made in the U.K., by Kenton, and are preprogrammed with profiles for the Sherman Filterbank as well. Hundreds of additional profiles are available for download FREE from the Kenton website.

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3 Posté le 03/02/2020 à 09:17:45
Citation de foox :
Ras le bol de ces vendeurs qui argumentent "la V1 est bien meilleure que la V2 gnagnagna"
et paf, prix d'occaze à l'avenant.:rocket:
c'est une vue de l'esprit, la V1 n'étant pas meilleure que la V2, ce serait même peut-être plutôt l'inverse.
Compulser les forums des 2 permet de se faire une idée.
à bon entendoir bonsoir.

Je plussoie, c'est que du baratin, il y en a qui ont de l'imagination pour essayer de revendre leur matos plus cher. Le V1 en format desktop standard, c'est la même chose que le V2; mais en plus vieux et moins bien...:facepalm: De ce que je me rappelle sur un forum audio qui n'existe plus, c'est même un V2 avec des potards de moins bonne qualité que sur les versions plus récentes.:8O: Je n'y connais pas grand chose en Sherman, mais quand même je sais ça...
On m'a justement contacté pour me proposer un sherman V1, mieux que le V2, ça m'a bien fait rigoler. Mais bien sûr je ne suis pas assez con, pour acheter 500 balles un sherman qui a plus de 25 ans.:mrg:

Il existe aussi autre version V1, plus rare, en rack et différent, sans le midi. Plus archaïque.

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4 Posté le 17/03/2020 à 20:28:33
Je sais pas pour le V2,mais sur le V1 les potards sont sacrément merdiques(j'ai dû en changer la moitié).
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