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Apogee Duet 2
Apogee Duet 2

Interface audio USB de la marque Apogee appartenant à la série Duet

Prix public : 509 € HT
ericthegreat ericthegreat
Publié le 22/09/11 à 07:25
contenu en anglais (contenu en anglais)
The apogee Electronics Duet 2 is a very compact device, very modern and up to date. It can fit anywhere and you can take it anywhere.I didn’t use this with anything except for Logic so I am not sure how it works with other software’s. But its perfect with logic and Logic is perfect for it. it’s a perfect fit. The Drivers are very stable. When you use the Apogee electronics Duet 2 you will be surprised how good it works with your software and how it just syncs its self up.


You're gonna hear things in your music that you never paid attention to before. Its preamps are currently driving a Royer 101 for me and my results are astounding. I'll sum it up like this... We're in a bad economy where companies are struggling to stay afloat. Music gear is a luxury and not a necessity when it comes to family needs, etc. So in order for companies to stay afloat they have to introduce gear that exceeds the expectations of those with champagne taste on a beer budget. I've heard the shootouts on Myteks, Prisms, Lavry's, etc. and this 600 dollar interface can stand toe to toe with them. You will NOT be disappointing in sound quality... This unit will be honest, and you will make mixes (with the right ears), that compete with the radio all day. Don't be swayed by a higher dollar item... If your music and talent is good, get this little guy and get off the pot. You will finally have no more excuses to make a pro album. Hell, the guy from Gorillaz made the last album with an Ipad.... So it's on you!


Easy to get started up and running , you wont even need the manual.


Overall, Being a proud owner of the original Duet, I saw the upgrade as an Ipod Touch version of the original. (come on, it looks like an Apple product.) I actually did A/B the two just to see what the differences were and my conclusions were that this interface was not a slight step up. It has been revered, via the tech support guy at Apogee no less, as a Rosetta 200 mobile.