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Apogee Duet 2
Apogee Duet 2

Interface audio USB de la marque Apogee appartenant à la série Duet

Prix public : 509 € HT
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Publié le 29/08/11 à 22:32
Cible : Les débutants
contenu en anglais (contenu en anglais)
The Apogee Electronics Duet 2 is a latest audio interface from Apogee, widely considered one of the best in the business when it comes to anything to do with analog to digital and digital to analog conversion. There are some changes here when you compare this to the original Duet, all of which make it a more useful device. The Duet 2 is great for home studio owners who are looking for a simple but very high quality audio interface to use with their DAW. The Duet 2 comes with software to set up everything with and a digital interface directly on it for controlling it. It's got two inputs and four outputs in the breakout cable, which is different from the original Duet in that you've got two more outputs, although still not ideal for using any outboard gear. It's got the same converter and preamps as the Apogee Ensemble as far as I know...


Using and setting up the Apogee Electronics Duet 2 isn't difficult, as the software it comes with makes it easy to route and control everything inside the box. The digital interface on the actual device is easy to use as you can scroll through different screens to controls your preamp, headphone, and monitors levels. There's not too much to get acquainted with here as I think users will be able to get used to it rather quickly, although the manual might be a good idea for beginners.


The sound of the Apogee Electronics Duet 2 is quite stellar and is everything you would expect from Apogee. The conversion quality is top rate and the preamps sound pretty darn good to me although I haven't had a chance to shoot them out with other audio interfaces' preamps. The sound is by far the best thing about the Apogee as it gives you a pro's sound in a small box for a fraction of the price of other pro interfaces and converters.


The Apogee Electronics Duet 2 is the perfect audio interface for the home studio owner who is doing most of their work inside the box. For producers working primarily in Logic, you can't find a better deal. If you need more inputs and outputs and are using Pro Tools primarily, it may not be your best bet, but for those looking for something with great converters and a few nice preamps, the Duet 2 is a can't miss. The price is great considering what you're getting. The Duet 2 is very popular for good reasons!