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mooseherman 15/12/2010

Blue Microphones Bottle : l'avis de mooseherman (contenu en anglais)

« Expensive but effective microphone! »

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I recently had the pleasure of having this microphone in the studio with a freelance engineer who brought it. It's truly a remarkable microphone. I haven't had much experience with this microphone until recently when we did an album for an acoustic singer songwriter and ended up using it quite a bit. It's a tube condenser mic so it's got a great warm tube sound, though it is somewhat different than most tube mics I've used in the sense that it has 9 different capsules to place on it, which can result in a lot of different sounds. It comes with its own power supply and thus it doesn't need phantom power.


I like the sound of this microphone a lot. It's very warm, full of detail, and has a great response. It seems to work best on vocals and that's what the majority of people tend to use it on, but I also liked using it on banjo, acoustic guitar, and piano as well, given it's warmth. I wouldn't use it for piano unless you were going for kind of a roomier, mono sound, but it worked great in that respect.
There are a lot of different capsules, and trying different ones out makes it easy to find a good sound. I'd say that given that variety this is a really flexible tube microphone. It's not particularly noisy either as long as you use the right pre-amp. A tube pre-amp with a tube mic will give you too much noise.
Anyway, considering how expensive this is, this is clearly for studio owners only, as home studio guys probably don't have mic pres or rooms nice enough to warrant such a purchase. Obviously it can't be used outside of a studio environment anyway.