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victormelamade 29/10/2008

Blue Microphones Bottle : l'avis de victormelamade (contenu en anglais)


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This microphone is one of the best kept secrets in recording. It is also a very unique setup, going with Blue's usual business plan. First of all, the mic body is extremely high quality. This mic is a tube condenser with interchangeable. It comes standard with one capsule, which reminds me of a Neumann. The sound on this mic is really breathtaking. It would be very hard to find another mic that sounds as alive as this one does. You could swear that someone is singing between the speakers when you listen back to a vocal recording done with this marvel. Blue mics are hand made in the USA so you know the craftsmanship is top of the line, and that the mic is built to last. There is an external power supply for this mic, which is going to help extend the life of the mic and of the tube within it. This mic is very expensive on its own, and that is with just one capsule. You can buy the capsule set of all of the other capsules, but that costs the same as this mic new! However, you will then get the equivalent of 7 very different, but all extraordinarily high quality microphones in one. There are small diaphragms and large diaphragms, and some in between all with different coloration qualities. A lot of them will sound very much like some famous vintage microphones.


This microphone system is really one of the finest that money can buy, if you have a lot of money. It's not really a great value because it's just so pricey, but it is the best, so if you just want quality look no further, because here it is. I have worked in a studio a few times that had this mic and all the capsules, and it was a dream to work with. Maybe I'll get one for myself if I get rich!