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goodbyebluesky 27/03/2008

MXL V67G : l'avis de goodbyebluesky (contenu en anglais)


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MXL's V67g is a large diaphram condensor type microphone, mainly for studio use and due to its low price probably useful to home recording enthusiasts on a budget.
The sturdy metal capsule painted green, with a gold cover makes this microphone LOOK like it cost more than 100 bucks! Very sharp looking.

According to the manual, the 200 Ohm output impedance is transformer balanced and the frequency response is stated as 30Hz-20KHz. It comes with a cool carrying pouch


I've used this on a handful of home recordings, mostly recording acoustic guitar and male vocals. this is only my second condensor with the first being an MXL 990 I was very pleased with how warm and "un-harsh" this mic sounds.

Unfortunately I haven't been able to try out many LDC mics but from my experience and the ton of reviews I read before making my decision to buy it- you cant go wrong spending the 100 bucks on it. It suits the vintage, folky, "warm" kinda sound I am looking for when tracking my acoustic guitar playing. It gives me a nice thick sound while retaining enough clarity to satisfy me, though I imagine the lack higher-end detail and definition could keep it from cutting through the mix if you were tracking multiple instruments.

Even with my limited experience, I doubt I would use this mic on electric guitar amps. It doesn't capture the attack as crisply as other mics would.