Behringer FCV100
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moosers 13/02/2009

Behringer FCV100 : l'avis de moosers (contenu en anglais)


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Rapport qualité/prix : Excellent
I recently got the Behringer FCV100 volume pedal for my lap steel and electric guitars. I got it because it is extremely cheap and since it is a volume pedal and simply will change the volume of your instrument I thought I could get away with getting a cheap one, and I believe I was right. This is made well enough overall to function and couldn't be easier to use - just plug it in and move the pedal either up or down to control the level of the signal. It is nice to have a few 1/4 inch inputs and outputs so you can use a few instruments at one with this. While this is made out of plastic, it doesn't really matter if you treat it well as it has held up nicely for me since I got it. While Behringer has a reputation for making cheaply made products, since they are cheaply made they are cheap in price. I don't use this all the time and just use it for volume swells, so the cheap price made it an attractive pedal for me and when I say cheap, I mean dirt cheap. For me it works fine and the price was basically the cheapest volume pedal I could find. It cost me about $20 USD including shipping on ebay! I used to have a Dunlop volume pedal which worked the same as this and was much more expensive. To me when it comes to volume pedals, if it works it is fine with me. I haven't found that this will color my sound or make my signal worse at all, which would be the only negative thing a volume pedal could do. Overall, I definitley recommend the Behringer FCV100 volume pedal for those interested in the cheapest option possible for a volume pedal.