Roland RD-500
Roland RD-500
contenu en anglais
M Elise 10/12/2008

Roland RD-500 : l'avis de M Elise (contenu en anglais)


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This digital piano is from the 80s I think. It is a professional quality instrument. It has various piano sounds and the other limited choice of basic sounds like organs, harpsichord, strings etc. The sounds can be edited and saved. The instrument is multi-timbrel. If memory serves me correct it doesn't have a sequencer. It has facility for splitting the keyboard into parts where different sounds are triggered on different sections of the keyboard. It has some cheesy drum sounds. There are the usual line outs, pedal outs, midi in/outs. The keyboard feels like a real piano. The piano is heavy.


The one drawback of this keyboard is that it is not user friendly when accessing the deeper functions which requires the manual to figure out. It is also very heavy but it is transportable.


This digital piano sounds great! It sounds very much like a real piano. And the fidelity of the output sound is extremely good. All the output sounds sound very solid and strong with very low if any background noise. On recordings it sounds like a real piano. Not all of the piano sounds are great but there are a few great ones.


I was fortunate enough to be able to borrow one of these for a number of years. Eventually I had to return it to the owner. I deeply miss the Roland RD 500. However I am not a true piano player. I'm a guitarist/composer who plays and records some piano and uses piano for composing. The best thing about this digital piano is that it feels and sounds like a real piano. I like to play in a beautiful romantic style using the damper pedal. With this piano I could easily get into and feel inspired by the sound. I have looked for another digital piano since losing this one but I have been looking in the $300.00 range. I have not found anything including the new Yamahas that feel or play as good as this piano. I believe the going rate for a used RD 500 is around $500.00. If I could find another used for a good price I would definitely buy it.