FabFilter Simplon
FabFilter Simplon

Simplon, Filtre logiciel de la marque FabFilter.

contenu en anglais
songboy 05/08/2011

FabFilter Simplon : l'avis de songboy (contenu en anglais)

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This plugin runs perfectly fine on a Mac Pro Duo running Snow Leopard and Logic 9. There is no need for a manual. This basically a simple filter plugin that gives you control of two filters on the same channel. The general configuration is simple enough to understand after a minute or two if you are familiar with Filters. You get a Low pass, High pass and Band Pass with options to select the Filter "Slope" and "Character." All functions are easily accessed via the front face.


The Simplon has never demonstrated any strange behavior whatsoever. No crashes or glitches. In all honesty I use FabFilters Micro Filter much more. I'm pretty sure that the Simplon is just two micros in the same plugin. They both sound fantastic in regards to digital Filters. Very clean and accurate and especially smooth. I do feel however it can get just a little harsh in high frequencies, but I am slightly biased by owning some Moog Filter Hardware. In contrast to the Micro, this one allows you to create some interesting Filter Behavior but personally I don't use it that much. It can be a nice effect on drums and overall mixes for remixing. I could see using it for performance remixing kinda stuff as well, but have yet to do that. I have been using this plugin sparingly for about 5 months.


What I like most about this plugin is the standard Fab Filter Undo/Redo buttons. Not enough plugins have these and they are indispensable in almost every situation. Other things to note is that FabFilter makes some of the best Plugin filters I have ever heard. Only thing I have to say negative is that this GUI isn't any where near as pretty as the others FabFilter offers. Excellent precision with smooth knobs and filter sweeps. The quality is some of the best I've heard in the computer world. I have used mainly my Moog Filters but would use the built in Logic filter as well. Yes, I recommend FabFilter highly.