Softube Vintage Amp Room
Softube Vintage Amp Room
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stompboxjon 13/02/2013

Softube Vintage Amp Room : l'avis de stompboxjon (contenu en anglais)

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The Softube Vintage Amp room is an easy plug in to use, the basic version of this plug in cost around 200 dollars but I suggest getting the TDM version because it comes with more amps but it is about a hundred dollars more than the Native version. This version has three amplifiers that are all simulated in a vintage amp room. There is a “white” amp that is a good amp for distorted sounding guitars and it is very easy to use. There are no built in effects on it and there is only one channel but it is a great starting point to work with. The “brown” amp is very easy to use, it has a clean and clear sound but still give that warmth and punchy sound that I love to have when working with these style of amps.


The “green” amp is the warmest one out of the three too me and it is more of the type that I would use on a regular basis because of how good it can get guitars to cut through the mix while still letting other instruments be present. All three amps are great vintage style amps with clean and rich sounds. Using these amps is very easy and takes no manual reading and no learning curve. They all run great and take up little to no CPU unless you use multiple instances of it at the same time then you will notice the CPU bar going up.


The interface of these amps is very simple and basic, nothing is hard to understand and being that they do not have a lot of effects there really isn’t much you can manual do to them besides tweak a few of the knobs. I recommend this to anyone who loves vintage amp and vintage amp sounds in digital form. I was very pleased with these three amps and how smoothly they run as a VST in multiple DAW’s.