Prime Loops Minimal & Tech House Drums
Prime Loops Minimal & Tech House Drums

Minimal & Tech House Drums, Samples de Batterie/Percu de la marque Prime Loops.

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johnrae 10/05/2012

Prime Loops Minimal & Tech House Drums : l'avis de johnrae (contenu en anglais)

« Great deal, if it's your genre! »

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This is a pack of 1,000 synthesized drum hits, there are no loops. These are made with Minimal/Tech House tracks in mind. You can buy them as straight WAV samples, or in many popular configurations like and Ableton Live Pack, Acid Samples, Aiff Samples and lots more. I bought them as WAV files. The setup was just like any other WAV sample in Ableton Live(The DAW I tested these with). Drag and drop into my sampler, make any personal adjustments and your ready to go!


I've messed around with lots of sample libraries, and I must say this one is worth the measly sixteen odd dollars you pay for them. The sounds are all very high quality and actually do fit in with the genre advertised. This has been a problem in the past, where you end up with drum samples that aren't necessarily bad, but they're not what you'd want in a Hardcore Techno Pack. The samples have a nice consistent feel and are all at about the same volume which is convenient. No performance or buffering problems in Ableton Live 8. Another nice thing is that there is no silence or space between the start of the sample and the sound of the hit that needs to be cut out. This is great for timing issues and makes time stretching of samples less messy. The audio quality is standard 24 bit/44.1 KHZ Audio. Also, the selection of percussion samples is really rather inspiring I must say.


I would give this 4/5 stars overall. It is a SUPER deal at 16 bucks, the sounds are great, but not stunning. If your into the genre, get this, because you will use it a lot. I have no regrets about buying it and I love that it actually is appropriate to the genre advertised! I have no complaints about this, it's a fine product.