Mackie Control Universal Pro
Mackie Control Universal Pro

Control Universal Pro, Surface de contrôle MIDI motorisée de la marque Mackie appartenant à la série MCU.

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mrjason 28/12/2012

Mackie Control Universal Pro : l'avis de mrjason (contenu en anglais)

« nice feel »

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The Mackie Control Universal Pro gives you smooth fader control with the responsive feel of some very expensive analog boards from years past. The faders are touch sensitive 100mm, and they are motorized. There is a full meter display that will show you the parameters and track names. There are some effects on this unit but nothing that really made me say “wow”. All of your basic functions are also there and easy to use like pan, solo, and mute functions.
When you get the Mackie Pro I recommend looking at the manual even if you have used similar boards before, or even if you have used the Mackie C4 because some of the functions are different and this unit has some more features that are really helpful.
This console is made well, all of the knobs are solid and the faders are “heavy” with good response. This control surface has over 50 buttons and can even be used via USB. The price point is decent, I think it could be a little cheaper though because there are some other boards made by its competitors that cost a little less but are virtually the exact same board.
Also the display screen could be just a little bit bigger on it so that it is easier to read or maybe even a full color display since this unit cost over a grand. But if you do not mind looking at this type of display then it will not be an issue. Or you could always hook up an external display screen and have any size screen that you want.
The Mackie Control Pro is a great choice to go with because of the quality and features that it provides. Mackie will also provide you with excellent customer service if you have any troubles with this device. I am happy that I purchased this!