PreSonus FaderPort Classic
PreSonus FaderPort Classic
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sw80 10/10/2012

PreSonus FaderPort Classic : l'avis de sw80 (contenu en anglais)

« Connect it and use it »

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The PreSonus FaderPort is a 1 channel USB Fader that has transport controls. It only cost 129 and can be purchased at almost any retailer online or in store. For it to be such a low priced unit, it sure is well built. It was a lot heavier than I thought it was going to be, I expected a cheap plastic feel to it, but I was wrong it is nice and heavy. The FaderPort has Pan control, record enable, mute, and solo on it. There is also a foot-switch port (foot-switch not included) for punching in and out quickly and hands free.

The FaderPort will work with your Mac or PC. I have used it on my Windows 7 system and on my Macbook and it never gave me a problem with either one. I have used it with a number of different DAWS and it seems to work great with whatever I use it with. I use it the most in Logic Pro though.

You just connect the FaderPort to your computer through USB and start using it. It is very simple and just in case you need the manual it does come with one that is easy to understand and use if you need it. This device is very portable and can be taken with you wherever you need it to be. That is the reason why I was sold on this one because it seemed to be more portable and plug and play like than some of other ones that I have used.

There are not tricks with the FaderPort, it works exactly like it is suppose to and it is truly plug and play (once you have the drivers installed which only take a few minutes). It is not an interface, there are no ins and outs on it. It is strictly a 1 channel fader. So if you already have an interface and just need a fader with transport controls you won’t find any other ones that are built like this for this price. It is a must buy.