PreSonus FaderPort Classic
PreSonus FaderPort Classic
contenu en anglais
songboy 22/01/2010

PreSonus FaderPort Classic : l'avis de songboy (contenu en anglais)


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What I like most about the Fader Port is that it has made my mixing so much more organic and easy by getting me away from the mouse and giving me all the control I need over every channel strip in my DAW.  The big selling point on this guy is the motorized fader.  I own a few different Midi keyboards that have assignable faders on them.  While it is convenient to have a bunch of faders on my keyboard, none of them are motorized, which means that in order to get the DAW to respond to the fader, I need to move the fader on the keyboard to the position of the fader in the DAW.  This can be very very very tedious and more often than not, cause you to lose the position the fader in the DAW was in, which means you to figure that out again.  ANNOYING.  Well, that problem is solved with this unit.  The only thing I have found to be annoying on this product is for some reason, I can't access the last three channel strips in my DAW.  It matters not if I have 10 channel strips or 20, its always the last three.  Its probably something I am missing as I haven't referenced a manual yet (bought it used and it didn't come with one).  I got this for only $60 which is about half price so I am very pleased about that.  Times are tight so I probably wouldn't have paid full price for it, not that its not worth it, I just couldn't afford that much right now.  If I had the money, I wouldn't bat an eye when buying this new.  Presonus makes some pretty nice gear despite the fact that it is usually affordable.  This is no exception, the fader is long throw style and very smooth.  The buttons all respond very well but they can be a little "clicky," as opposed to a nice soft rubber button, these click very loud and are plastic.  This unit has no effect on sound quality so that question is irrelevant.  Besides M-audio keyboard controllers, this is my first midi mixing controller.  Yes, I would definitely buy this again.  I hope they release the same exact product but with 12 or more faders, that would be awesome.