Moog Music Prodigy
Moog Music Prodigy

Prodigy, Clavier synthétiseur analogique de la marque Moog Music.

contenu en anglais
AlanForPresident 18/07/2012

Moog Music Prodigy : l'avis de AlanForPresident (contenu en anglais)

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The Moog Music Prodigy is one of the more lower end versions from Moog, and it has spread widely because of how good it sounds and its very affordable and compact enough to move around with you if you need to. I use this as just a sound module and can get some really cool stuff whe messing with some of the options that I comes with. You will have to use this as a sound module like I do, there are no on board sequencers so you wont be able to make any type of patterns. So the only uses would be for a sound module or for live performance or just messing around. This came out in 1979 and people are still purchasing it today, that says a lot about Moog, and how they continue to stay relevant and dominate. There is nothing like a Moog and this is just the entry level one but still has a great sound and you will love it.


Very easy to use, with no extra knobs and no sequencing everything is just about the sound which is just how I like it. Makes it a lot easier not having to worry about the other stuff like arpeggiators or modulation. This is a very easy to use device that is 32 to keys and will give you no problems using.


The sounds are great, not the best moog sounding board bu what do you expect for the price. You will still get a Moog.


Simple looking machine with a big sound, it’s a great way to start to understand analog sounds and vintage machines. This could be great for your if you are looking for your firt vintage piece of gear, its small enough to learn on so you can grow to some of the more complex vintage analog synths.