Moog Music Prodigy
Moog Music Prodigy

Prodigy, Clavier synthétiseur analogique de la marque Moog Music.

contenu en anglais
moosers 19/03/2009

Moog Music Prodigy : l'avis de moosers (contenu en anglais)


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The Moog Music Prodigy is a vintage analog synth that has about 25 keys and covers around two and a half octaves. It also has pitch and modulation wheels as well as a 1/4 inch connection to send this to an amp. It also has a 1/4 inch outputs for sustain as well as for a number of different things. You can get a ton of different synth sounds from this, including all of the classic sounds you think of when you think of Moog. The Moog Music Prodigy is a monophonic synth.


The configuration of the Moog Music Prodigy is pretty straightforward in terms of the set up of synthesizers like this, but if you are not familiar with the settings and parameters that is has, it will take a bit of getting used to. However, if you play around with this for a little while you should be able to get a good understanding of what this does. Its capabilites are far and wide and you can get a wide array of different synth and noise sounds. I don't have a manual for this, as it is an old synth, but I never needed one. This being said, if this is your first synth, it is definitely a good idea to have a manual around if you can get one.


The sounds on the Moog Music Prodigy contains a huge array of different synth sounds, ranging from traditional lead and bass Moog sounds to everything in between. The Prodigy is a powerful synth with a ton of parameters that makes it a truly versatile synth. The feel of the keys makes it easy to play, and the pitch and modulation wheels allow for further control of your timbre. I have used this in a number of different musical genres, but mostly for pop and rock. The Prodigy is suitable for any type of music that you would like to use it with.


I've been using the Moog Music Prodigy for about five years and it is one of my favorite synths in the Moog Music line of synths for a number of reasons. It is easy to follow and capable of getting almost an endless amount of sounds. It is a step above the Moog Rouge, but isn't as versatile as the Voyager. This makes it a good option for those looking for a real vintage analog synth from Moog, but don't want to spend thousands of (US) dollars. I'm a huge advocate of all Moog synths, and the Prodigy is one of their classics.