Sugar Bytes Unique
Sugar Bytes Unique

Unique, Autre synthétiseur virtuel de la marque Sugar Bytes.

contenu en anglais
mooseherman 26/04/2011

Sugar Bytes Unique : l'avis de mooseherman (contenu en anglais)

« My New Favorite Virtual Synth! »

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This is a really nice virtual synth plug-in. It is basically an analog synth emulator. It has great oscillators and phase shifters on it, and can really get some wacky, awesome sounds. I didn't have any issues getting it set up in Logic. In fact, I found that after I installed it, it had no compatibility issues or anything like that. The sounds also work really well, which is to be expected nowadays. The setup took me no time at all and in less than an hour I was already getting comfortable with it. I basically had to play around with all the settings and look a little bit at the manual to get a feel for it, but it didn't take me long as it's a pretty intuitive synth.


I've had no issues with my Logic 9 software when using the Unique synth. It works really well with my MIDI controller too. I'd say the performance is as good as my Logic/MIDI controller combo ever is (which means that occasionally it slows down but for the most part is fine.) I've only recently got it but I love it.


This synth is perfect for anybody who loves Daft Punk, or other electro stuff that has the warm, semi-distorted tones going. Also great for 80s funk lovers looking to recreate that kind of synth sound. I haven't really found many virtual synths quite like this one, hence the name "Unique". While I've heard some of the sounds before in some of my favorite records, I hadn't really seen them on many of the cookie-cutter synths I see a lot. It also helps that it uses "vowel filters" and other such names to make the sounds you want easy to identify. In fact the filters and oscillators are really the biggest draw here.
Since I'm not a huge expert on all the different kinds of synths that are out there, I often get frustrated when I hear really "techno-y", smooth, lush sounding synths, and not the ones like this that are really powerful, warm, and sometimes harsh. This is really a fine piece of work.