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Waves The API Collection Native
Waves The API Collection Native

Tranche de console logicielle de la marque Waves appartenant à la série API

Prix public US : $599 incl. VAT
webstersays webstersays
Publié le 23/08/08 à 18:57
contenu en anglais (contenu en anglais)
This software installed with no problems. I didn't have any compatibility issues. The configuration is very simple - just run the installer and click next! It's very easy to get up and running. The manual is very good for this software, and worth actually reading through. Things are explained in plain English, and there are many functions that you probably wouldn't know existed if you didn't take the time to go through the manual.


My computer is a Dell that has an Intel processor, 2 GB of RAM, windows XP and Cubase. The software works perfectly with this kind of a computer. Most of these plug-ins in the bundle use a lot of CPU, so buyer beware on that end. You will want to have a higher end processor if you hope to use more than a few of these at a time. However, the sound quality you get absolutely makes up for the heavy CPU toll. As for stability, I didn't notice any crashes or anything caused by the API plug-ins, so they seem to be very stable.


I have had this for about 6 months. I will tell you now that this is by far the best thing in software you can find to emulate the sounds of an API console. The EQ and compression sound so similar, it's really amazing they were able to pull it off so well. If you have used an API console, you know what they can do to your mix. If you don't have the thousands of dollars or space to get one of your own, then this is the next best thing. Waves also released new presets by Jack Joseph Puig for this collection, so there is an added bonus. I have used real API consoles and many other plug-ins that serve the same function. This is an amazing value if you wish you get the API sound in your own set up. I would definitely buy it again, no regrets here.