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Kurzweil K2000
Kurzweil K2000

Workstation de la marque Kurzweil appartenant à la série K2000 (série)

Sujet Lead à la rudess

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1 Lead à la rudess
Salut je cherche des lead à la Jorda Rudess. Je débute sur le K2000 donc je ne sais pas bien m'en servir. QQn aurait ca par hasard?
J'ai trouvé ça sur le site officiel de Jordan Rudess (

Citation : Jordan Rudess
Member # 3

posted July 25, 2001 10:18 AM
THe leads that are offered in the 2500 and 2600 are things that I created so Kuzweil users could have a lead sound that is sonically similar to my personal sound.
My sound uses oboe-clarinet-sawtooth, distorted guitar, flute, square waves and sine wave stirred together with some spices thrown in.. It's 7 layers thick.
Some of those layers mentioned are more for the feedback effect when I need it. It's funny because there are some of the layers that are very quiet when you listen to them by themselves, but when put in the whole they add just the right flavor. Welcome to Jordan's kitchen
If you have a kurzweil, try putting the clarinet and oboe/english horn waveforms thru a GAIN stage within the algorhythm. So the algorhythm looks like this.
Run the GAIN module up a bit hot and it will add bite to your basic waveform.You will need to compensate and turn down the finalAMP stage!!
Try this with many of the various waveforms I mentioned and then report back!
You will all be rocking soon and coming up with your own very awesome lead.
Don't forget some nice tapped delay-with very little verbage.Basically speaking delay works much better than verb on leads..
have fun,

Ce sont les conseils du créateur des patches, alors ça devrait le faire !
Sinon, il y a un forum d'échange sur le site où tu trouveras peut-être des patches à télécharger, au cas où le moteur du K2000 ne permetrait pas de programmer ce son.

Bonnes gammes !