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Apogee Big Ben
Apogee Big Ben

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« No cracking or popping  »

Publié le 05/12/12 à 07:30
contenu en anglais (contenu en anglais)
The Apogee Big Ben is a rackable unit taking up 1 rack space. It will offer up to 192 kHz sample rates and simple real time conversions between any audio digital formats. While using Big Ben you will not have any issues with popping noises or cracking sounds and though this unit might look easy to use because of how smooth the front interface is, it could still take some getting use to and some time to understand just how everything works. It comes with a manual that is easy to understand and comprehend if you want to go that route and read it.
The Big Ben analog converter is made to last you a long time, and not to mention it has a flawless design that is made to be shown off. I am very happy that I purchased this unit over a year ago and I still use it very much today. The quality of audio you can get with the Big Ben is outstanding. Most of the products that Apogee makes are well built and stable. I have used many other analog converters, some good and some not so well. But with the 1 video BNC, 1 ADAT optical and 2 AES clock inputs with 6 word 2 AES and 1 S/PDIF outputs you will have all of your clock options to keep everything working together and in synch.
A normal issue with some other analog converters that I have used in the past is the popping and jittering sounds it can give you when converting. With the Big Ben I have not had any unwanted noise at all. This unit came out long before I purchase it, but after hearing another local musician talk about the Big Ben I knew that I had to give it a shot. If something were to ever happen to the one that I purchased I would purchase another one right away.