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sw80 09/10/2012

Waves MaxxBCL : l'avis de sw80 (contenu en anglais)

« Big Bass »

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The Waves MaxxBCL will enhance your bass tremendously , and the compressor on it is very good as well. This unit is really expensive and I am privileged to have worked with it at the studio. It is a rack able unit but it takes up 2 spaces. It has a Peak Limiter and a high quality compressor. You can get a really good master with this unit. I prefer to use this unit just for bass though, it has an amazing ability to boost that bass sound and make it sound really big, but it can do it without putting more bass and low in frequencies into the mix. So if you want that bass to still be wide and sound big, but you don’t want to crowd the low end of your mix then the MaxxBCL is something you might want to invest in.


The compressor has a nice warm sound to it, you can generally only get this type of warm sound from a hardware unit like the MaxxBCL. I have used just about every software compressor that has came out up to this point and none of them have the natural warmth of a hardware compressor like MaxxBCL. The peak limiter is very transparent too.


I prefer to only use this unit on bass instruments and bass tracks. I feel like that is the best part of it, I am not comfortable with the compression enough yet to start using it to master with.


If you like to have big sounding bass and don’t want to have your masters muddy and sound bad. Then the MaxBCL is what you need to invest your money into. It will make your bass sound great and take it to new levels. Don’t think that all these software systems and plug ins can do to your bass what the MaxxBCL can do, because they can not. I am happy that I get to use this device a lot. The quality is just amazing, it does cost a lot though!