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Publié le 18/11/09 à 04:05
contenu en anglais (contenu en anglais)
The Manley Langevin Massive Passive EQ is a stereo parameter equalizer.  I'm not sure what type of connections it has (although I think it has XLR) as the one I have used was pre-racked in a studio and I was not invovled with racking it.  This is an analog piece of gear that is rack mountable and will take up four rack spaces.


Using the Manley Langevin Massive Passive EQ isn't too difficult as everything is laid out clearly and the unit is overall easy to follow.  Each of the stereo channels has four bands of EQ, each including parameters for frequency, bandwidth, and gain, along with switches for either boost or cut and either shelf of bell.  Each channel also has an overall gain parameter and a bypass button and there is also a high pass and low pass filter on the unit.  The overall editing of your tone is easy granted that you understand how to use a basic parametric EQ and for that reason I don't think that a manual is needed in most cases.


The sound of the Manley Langevin Massive Passive EQ superb.  It is extremely clean and does everything it is supposed to do.  I feel confident using it in pretty much any situation, but I would say it excels extremely well when you are trying to get a stereo spread like on a piano or on drum overheads.  This is definitely more of a clean EQ than a warm one, but when used right this can be the perfect type of EQ in a lot of different situations...


I've been using the Manley Langevin Massive Passive EQ for about half of a year and was definitely impressed with it from day one.  I love the tone it has and I love that it is so easy to use and so familiar looking in terms of the parameters that it has.  This is definitely a piece of gear that I would recommend to professionals looking for a stereo EQ with great tone regardless of price as this does cost a lot!  Even if you can't afford to look at buying one, if you're ever in a studio that has one like I did, you won't be disappointed if you give it a try!