Electrix Filter Factory
Electrix Filter Factory

Filter Factory, Filtre de la marque Electrix.

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moosers 18/11/2009

Electrix Filter Factory : l'avis de moosers (contenu en anglais)


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The Electrix Filter Factory is an analog piece of outboard gear that has 1/4 inch connections as well as MIDI connections.  The unit is rack mountable and will take up two rack spaces.


The make up of the Electrix Filter Factory is pretty easy to follow, but there is a lot of room to play around with here since there are a number of different sections each containing their own parameters.  The are sections for buzz, stereo filter, and LFO, each with own parameters - and there are a good amount of them.  It will take a few minutes to get used to how all of the parameters work, but everything is pretty self explanatory as long as you know the terminology generally involved with filters like this.  I haven't seen the manual for the Electrix Filter Factory, so I can't say how well put together it is or not. 


The sounds that are possible with Electrix Filter Factory are extremely diverse, but no matter how you set the parameters it has a warm and realistic tone.  I have used this device for all sorts of applications including vocals, electric guitars, keyboards, and anything else that I might want to experiment with.  While this isn't a device that is a necessity by any means, it offers a lot of options and is capable of getting some really interesting and cool sounds.  This isn't a typical filter device and as long as you know this going in, you're going to have a lot of fun using it.


I've been using the Electrix Filter Factory for about three years or so and I'm definitely a fan of this.  I've liked all of the outboard gear that I've used made by Electrix as they offer an interesting take on effects.  This an extremely versatile piece of gear and will certainly bring a lot to the table for those looking to experiment with filtering.  The price is definitely reasonable and makes it a suitable item for any studio owner.  While I can't say I would recommend this to everyone as it isn't an essential, if you are looking to spice things up a bit, definitely check out the Electrix Filter Factory.