Native Instruments Kore 2

Kore 2, Rack Virtuel/Hôte pour Plug-in de la marque Native Instruments appartenant à la série Kore.

contenu en anglais
yoTrakkz 15/09/2011

Native Instruments Kore 2 : l'avis de yoTrakkz (contenu en anglais)


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Native Instruments Kore 2 is a high quality sound pack and has a bunch of great presets that can go into your mixes right away. You wont even need to do too much eq to the sounds because they are done by pros that make sure they are ready to go right out of the gate. However there are a few bugs that can give you some crashes when running in Fl Studio and a few other digital audio workstations.


Native Instruments Kore 2 worked great on my quad core windows pc. It did eat up a lot of cpu though, but once I downloaded the new ASIO drivers that fixed most of that problem up right away. Native Instruments Kore 2 delivers a great product and even better customer support. You never have to worry about if you lose your boxed version because you can get everything online from the website once you create an account and enter all of the info on your boxed version which you will need to do as soon as you receive your package.


Overall you couldn’t ask for much more from Native Instruments with the Kore 2. It has everything you need to create with and it runs in almost all software programs that we all use in today’s music world. The price is kind of high, but if you shop around for a while online you will come across a pretty good deal somewhere and get it at a steal. A lot of people are selling these online and I don’t know why, it could be because they don’t want to take the time to learn and understand how to fully get al of the possibilities out of this package. Since I first bought the Native Instruments Kore 2, I have made some changes and upgraded, but still use a lot of the original presets from the Kore 2 pack.