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moosers 25/01/2009

Blue Microphones Kiwi : l'avis de moosers (contenu en anglais)


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The Blue Kiwi is a high quality condenser recording microphone. It has multiple polar patterns - cardioid, figure 8 and omni. It also has settings for in between each of those, with 9 patterns total. This is a great tool when you want to experiment with different polar patterns or for different applications. It is always convenient to be able change polar patterns right on the microphone. In addition to it being a great sounding mic, it looks really cool - the color shines and the capsule is the signature Blue circle, always good for impressing clients! I have also heard that


I've been using the Blue Kiwi for about 8 months and I've found it to be extremely crisp and clear. Its flexibility in terms of polar patterns makes it a candidate to be a top go to, all purpose microphone. That being said I've found it to sound best on male vocals and is one of my favorite for that application. I also like it on acoustic guitars and other acoustic stringed instruments. It is also an effective mic for getting room sounds on a guitar amp or getting any room sound for that matter. I've used a lot of different mics and this one certainly holds its place. I would compare this mic to other high end condenser mics in the same price range like a U87. Compared to the price of a U87, this is a great deal. This can actually sound a bit better for certain applications than the U87. However, I'd probably rather have a U87 if I could only choose one, even though the price range between the two microphones in somewhat significant. All in all, for the price you're going to get what you paid for - a great mic that is used by professional engineers.