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victormelamade 26/10/2008

Blue Microphones Kiwi : l'avis de victormelamade (contenu en anglais)


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They have one of these beauties at the studio I often freelance at, and let me just say this mic is just stunning. First of all it is very striking to look at, like most of Blue's products. It has a very unique and hip design that really catches the eye, and in many cases helps to inspire your performers, which is always a good benefit of flashy gear. This mic also definitely delivers sonically though, so it's not all flash. The sound is extraordinarily crisp and clear with a sweet top end, that reminds me of a U87. The bass end on this mic is clearly defined and you don't get mushy woof on the bottom like you do with some condensers. The mids are very clean and don't get honky unless what you're recording is honky. Blue will also hook you up with a very nice wooden case and velvet sleeve for the mic, as well as their very cool looking pop filter with their logo neatly emblazoned across it. The mic and shock mount are hand made in the US, which is good to know and attests to the obvious craftsmanship of this mic when you hold it. This mic also has 9, that's right, 9 polar patterns to choose from. That makes this mic extremely versatile when it comes to controlling leakage or bringing some room tone into your recording. What a mic!


I have had access to this mic for a few years, and it has become one of my favorite condensers to use for acoustic guitar and lead vocals. Clients love the great look of this mic as well as how their voice or instrument sounds through it. The tone reminds me of more expensive Neumann mics, so I would say you are getting a good value with this one. I don't own one, but I plan to buy one for myself in the future. It's really a classic in the making.