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Audix D3 : l'avis de Anonyme (contenu en anglais)


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The Audix D3 is a microphone developed by Audix, to be part of the line of microphones that are meant to handle high sound pressure level applications. The Audix D3 is actually intended to be used on percussion, with its low profile, it is able to be put on toms very effectively, and it delivers quite a bit of a punch. The Audix D3 has a hypercardioid pickup pattern, and boasts quite an impressive frequency response from 50 Hz all the way up to 19,000 Hz. This is surprising, considering that the profile of the microphone clearly states that it is intended for use on drums. Generally, high frequency information is not needed on drums, but this high range extension has given the D3 a certain amount of crunch to it, which I will mention later. The D3 is capable of handling sound pressure levels of all the way up to 144 dB, and weighs in at nothing more than just over a quarter of a pound. It is also just under four inches in length. This keeps the microphone out of the way for a drummer. However, if the drummer does manage to strike the microphone, it is likely that the microphone will continue to function.


What is especially fantastic about the Audix D3 is the fact that the microphone is so good at micing up a guitar amp. The fact that this microphone can handle both high frequency capture and enormous amounts of SPL, combined with the response that boosts low mids and presence peaks at transition points between frequency classification ranges at 2,750 Hz, 5,000 Hz, and 10,000 Hz, gives the microphone a great amount of definition that its successor the Audix D4 seems to oddly lack.

If you can find these still hanging around, I highly recommend that you check them out!