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moosers 23/03/2009

Audix D3 : l'avis de moosers (contenu en anglais)


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The Audix D3 microphone is a dynamic mic that is great for use either in the studio or on the stage. I have only used it in the studio, but have heard and seen it used for live shows. Simply, it is a great option for micing drums in either scenario.


I’ve been using the Audix D3 dynamic mic for about three years and I have found it to be a useful microphone mostly while recording drums, among other uses. It is a small microphone, so it can be placed on a tom tom or snare drum without any fear that the drummer will hit it with their stick. Since it is small, it makes it easy to place anywhere without getting in the way. For this reason, it works great when micing up a drum kit for a live show. The sound quality is pretty good, even if it is not the most versatile mic in the world. It is great at what is does, like the other Audix microphones in the ‘D’ series. While I like the D4 better than the D3, the D3 is a great mic to have in any collection as it gives you options. While it definitely wouldn’t be my first choice, it is effective when recording electric guitar, as well as the aforementioned tom tom and snare drums. The price of the Audix D3 is quite reasonable and is definitely on the lower end of price range. This makes it a great choice for home studio owners, or for small clubs who want a big sound on a budget. While I’d rather record any drums with a Sennhesier MD 421 over the Audix D3, the D3 is a good mic that will cost less than half than the MD 421. Overall, highly recommended to both home studio owners and professionals alike.