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songboy 16/08/2008

Dunlop JD-4S Rotovibe : l'avis de songboy (contenu en anglais)


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This is basically a vibrato effect with expression pedal or a chorus effect with expression pedal. I am assuming it is analog, but I am not 100% sure. The only editing you get is modulation control with the foot pedal, intensity control with knob on the side, and a switch for chorus or vibrato. It cannot be hooked up to a computer. It is only 1/4" audio in and out and it is not rackable.


Its very easy to set up. Plug it in. Step down to activate, select chorus or vibrato (I alway forget which one is which, one turns the light yellow, the other turns it green) and adjust the intensity. Thats it. There is really no need for a manual. I never looked at one and was able to figure it out very shortly.


I honestly don't care for this pedal overall. The vibrato is pretty fun because of the expression pedal, but in order to turn it on, you need to push the pedal all the way down, and that means you always have to start at minimal vibrato and adjust it back up. It would have been nice if there was another way to activate it so you didn't have to reset it everytime you wanted to turn it on. The chorus is ok. I own a Diamond halo chorus and the Rotovibe can't even touch that baby. I used to use this in my synth/alt vocals Mixer's effect chain to create some crazy vibrato effects, but in the end, I took it out of my arsenal and am trying to sell it. The


I have had it for six months and I never really used it during that time. What I like about it was the idea of the built in expression pedal, but when I got it, I realized the activation flaw and was very sad ): Also, it doesn't even have stereo options, whats the deal with that. Even cheap boss chorus pedals have that. Again, if you want fantastic chorus, get the Diamond halo chorus, or even and Analog man chorus pedal. Either one will make the rotovibe look childish. Overall, I am disappointed in this pedal. I got mine used for $100 and I regret it very much.