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RickD 15/04/2008

TC Electronic G-Force : l'avis de RickD (contenu en anglais)


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This is a stereo preamp (with adjustable input gain on the front) with all the main guitar effects except a proper distortion. The flangers & phasers are lovely and the delays & reverbs are wonderful.

It's digital, of course, with 8 processors, 1 per effects module. So, unlike with other gear, you don't have quality loss when piling up effects, the quality remains optimal throughout.

2 high impedance asymmetric 6.35mm jacks, 2 line level TRS outs on similar jacks.
SPDIF in & out on coax.

24 bit 44.1 khz conversion, but not sure the digital I/O's can convey 24 bit signals...someone told be that they were 20 bit...(check that, i'm not sure).

There's MIDI in & out i believe, and you can easily set up a MIDI pedal board such as the Roland FC-200...the G-Force has a ready made template for it all set up.

For the price, i think they could have made this a 96 khz machine and/or have AES/EBU I/O's in addition to the SPDIF's just not a pro machine without AES/EBU!


Extremely easy to use, all is very very intuitive. You can see it wasn't designed like a TR-505 or an MC-303! :-D

Editing & saving presets is real easy.

Great manual, that is even nicely made...not just some cheap photocopy look-alike, this is nicely bound & all...a high-class manual for a high-class piece of gear. ;-)


The effects are nice but you can be tempted to overdo it...because they are so nice!
Then again, you'll have that problem with any effects's just that the others don't sound so good! ;p

The reverbs are amazing, of course, and you can use this for vocals or anything you like if you come in digital.
This is a very good effects processor.

The dynamics are good but not perfect: i still prefer going direct into a good amp, but if you accept that the sound is just different then you can enjoy it for what it is. It's still good, it's just not 100% the same...maybe only 95%? Anyway, incomparable with any Boss or Roland or Digitech effects i've tried...and i have tried a lot of those. True, the price isn't comaparable either! ;-p


I've had it about 7 years.

Best thing? Everything!
Worst? No real distortion. You can add crunch, or boost existing distortion, but this is not a SansAmp or a cabinet simulation here worth mentioning, that just wasn't the aim of the machine...but you want those luch choruses or reverbs then this is the way to go.

Was 11400 Francs when i got it, that was the best price in France at the time...say £1140 or 1700 €. Now it's below 1000 €. Still expensive, but possibly the best for the money. The price actually remained stable on this for 6 or 7 years i believe! The only other piece of gear i know of to do that is the Roland VS-2480 multitrack recorder...which stayed at 4500 € in France...