Native Instruments Elektrik Piano
Native Instruments Elektrik Piano

Elektrik Piano, Piano électrique virtuel de la marque Native Instruments.

contenu en anglais
stompboxjon 06/07/2012

Native Instruments Elektrik Piano : l'avis de stompboxjon (contenu en anglais)

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The Native Instruments Elektrik Piano can be purchased for a great price from native instruments site. Any one who has used Native Instruments stuff before knows how good the vst’s the make are going to be. I usually always keep my eye out on Native Instruments website for new vst’s that they will come out with. I am a frequent customer of theirs. If you are looking for a great stage electric piano sound to add to your music and patch collection then Native Instruments Elektrik Piano could be just what you are looking for.


Very easy to use, and to install . There really isn’t too much with it, the best thing about it is the sounds. There are only maybe 7 knobs on the whole vst and interface so there really isn’t too much stuff going on that can confuse you or make you need to take out a manual. Though I havent even seen a manual for this because when I purchased it I just got a download link for the full vst not for a manual or any instructions so im thankful that its easy to use.


The sounds are great, very realistic and even some what vintage. You will love how well rounded each patch really sounds. They are so thick and full of good tones. You can edit the eq and tun pan and volume right on the interface of Elektrik piano as well. Thre is nothing confusing or tricky going on when using. Its just great and simple at the same time. I recommend it to everyone. All of the sounds are basically coming from 4 different boards, the Mk1 and MK 2 as well as the E7 and the A 200. All of those boards are known for the electric pianos and they are all brought into one device. The Native Instruments electric Piano.