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iamqman 14/09/2011

Rocktron Piranha : l'avis de iamqman (contenu en anglais)

« GReat for the money »

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Rocktron has put out some very affordable and unique music equipment. This is one of their preamps that they decided to make that on the outside looks very cool and on the inside had some great tones as well. This is basically a three channel preamp consisting of a clean, to mild overdrive, any new modern high gain channel. You also get a consistent EQ parameters consisting of bass, maids, treble, and then of course your gain and level. You also have a couple knobs for the output level input level which is consistent with other preamp designs.


This is a pretty easy preamp to dial-in a decent tone with. It's pretty self explanatory and the options and features that has are pretty basic it's overall construction. You also have some outputs for going to a power amp as well as inputs. Also a PA system or board bypassing any other power amps or speaker cabs. This is a fun little preamp and he get some great tones if you have enough time to really digging in tailor the EQ to your liking.


The tone of this is very high again in modern sounding compared to a lot of other preamps. I would say that this is a better sounding preamp then add some Marshall preamps . This is about half the price of some other preamps as well. So this is a good buy for someone looking to get a three channel preamp with a great deal of versatility and it's small sleek one space rack unit.


I would recommend this to anyone looking for a good rock tone and doesn't want shell out a lot of money for Marshall or some other preamp that cost a lot more than this one. Get a good enough sound if you couple it with a good solid power amp and your to get the tones and power that you really need for gigging or recording with if you get it mic-ed up to a speaker cabinet.