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ericthegreat 22/09/2011

Korg microKORG XL : l'avis de ericthegreat (contenu en anglais)


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Rapport qualité/prix : Excellent
On delivery of this little keyboard wonder, I first thought: "KORG have put out a toy piano".
However, on powering it up and pressing the keys, I was soon to realize this was no toy! I tried out all the pre-programmed instruments, from both the A & B banks. Easy!

I also found the controls (knobs and dials) were robust and easy to use..Switching between instruments - again easy; just a turn of the Genre and Category dials and a new instrument was ready for play.


Shortly after receiving the MicroKorg XL, I just had to experiment with all those cool looking options on the right hand side of the keyboard. A change in timbre, filters, effects, arp'ing and so on. Plenty there to keep me up late while I experimented.

I was pleasantly suprised with the supplied goose-neck microphone with its' XLR connection! The vocoder is the real "FUN" part.


The only disappointment was in the ultra-light weight body;it felt a little too much like a toy., compared to the knobs and levers on top of the keyboard unit. But the sounds are not toy like, they are very professional.


Overall, a great addition to your musical instrument collection; it it light and very portable - so much so, that KORG have even enabled it to run off 6 AA batteries, so you can take it camping, to the beach, a party, or wherever! I love the overall feel of it and the way it sounds, I don’t have a single complaint with this any more, I do admit when I first felt it , it seemed pretty cheap. But after you mess around with it and see how powerful it really is, you will regret saying anything like that. This is a great board with great stock presets that you can use and will keep you occupied for quit some time, you wont need to upgrade for a while!