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webstersays 18/08/2008

Shure PSM 200 : l'avis de webstersays (contenu en anglais)


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I have been using this product for a year or so. This is one of my favorite monitoring setups I have ever used. I used the normal monitor wedge speaker system on many stages for a long time, and they have so many shortcomings. From feedback, to not hearing yourself, to hearing too much of another band member, to hearing too much of yourself, to the sound from the monitors interfering with the sound from the PA in a bad way. These things cut down on so many of those troubles. The sound basically gets piped in right to your ears, so if you can't hear yourself, just turn it up! They can get very loud, and my band usually plays very loud, so this is obviously essential. They are a very comfortable fit in your ears, and they come with different ear pieces for different ear types. You can even get custom molds to fit you best. They are lightweight and not bulky, so when you're playing you'll forget they're even there. I was at first concerned about the sound quality I'd get, but they definitely sound great. Not that muffled, bass-less, tinny sound you might expect from tiny in-ear speakers. On the contrary the sound is full and allows you to get into your performance. It's very easy to use, and there are two separate lines on this system too. I also haven't had any problem with going too far away from the base, which would be a disaster on stage. On a couple of occasions the ear pieces did fall out, so that was one bad thing I've found with these. I was jumping around though, so I was asking for it. Overall, this is a really great way to go for wireless monitoring. It is a little bit pricey, but such a worthy investment for any serious band. You need to hear yourself, and this is the way to go. I would definitely make the same choice again.