Bugera 1990
Bugera 1990

1990, Tête d'ampli guitare tout lampe de la marque Bugera appartenant à la série Modern.

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iamqman 12/08/2011

Bugera 1990 : l'avis de iamqman (contenu en anglais)

« Just not that bad »

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Rapport qualité/prix : Excellent
Bugera amplification is a inexpensive and cheap consumer friendly amplifier company. They have a vast range of amplifiers to meet every guitarist needs and wants. This amplifier is known as the 1990 Infinium which is an easy to use two channel amplifier with a clean and lead channels. This amplifier features three preamp tubes and four 5881 power tubes. You can find these amplifiers online fairly easily and they're relatively inexpensive.



Hand-built 120-Watt hi-gain amplifier driven by 4 x 5881 valves
Classic 2-channel preamp design (Clean, Lead) featuring 3 x ECC83 valves for terrifying punch and mind-blowing gain
Integrated high-class reverb with dedicated Reverb control for each channel
Vintage Equalizer section with dedicated Bass, Mid, Treble and Presence controls
Power switch to select between pentode or triode (60 Watt) operation
Impedance switch (4, 8 and 16 Ohms) to match virtually any speaker cabinet
FX Loop with dedicated Level control
Frequency compensated Recording output
Heavy-duty footswitch for Channel selection and Reverb included
High-quality components and exceptionally rugged construction ensure long life


I was actually surprised at how good this amplifier did sound. I've heard so much talk and trash about the Bugera amplifiers that I was already a little biased towards them. This is an amp that even surprise me at how well it performed at the price point that was listed at. This amplifier features a pentrode and triode power switch which means it cuts the rate of power from 120 watts down the 60 watts of power. This is great if you want to dial in a little less headroom and a little more spongy grittier attack in the high gain channel.

The tone of this amplifier can come off a little fizzy or buzzy but not that that's necessarily a bad thing but just a taste preference thing. It's not really a tone that I like that much but I could see how it could be likable to some guitarist. This is an easy amp to dial in and it can only take you just a few minutes to find that sweet spot for this amplifier.


At new you can find these amps listed for right around $400. That is a great deal for a multi channel high gain in queen amplifier. I highly recommend this amplifier if you need an inexpensive amplifier to me you're practicing needs or band situation.