Marshall 1959 JMP Super Lead [1967-1981]
Marshall 1959 JMP Super Lead [1967-1981]

1959 JMP Super Lead [1967-1981], Tête d'ampli guitare tout lampe de la marque Marshall appartenant à la série JMP.

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iamqman 19/01/2012

Marshall 1959 JMP Super Lead [1967-1981] : l'avis de iamqman (contenu en anglais)

« Classic old British tone »

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Marshall is one of those amplifier companies as really stood the test of time. They probably easily one of the most recognized amplifier companies in the world. They're mostly used from pop all the way up into metal music. They do have a particular sound and feel that is unlike any other amplifier in the world. If the classic British tone that is inviting in vibrant to say the least. This is one of the all-time best amplifiers that it's ever been built.



4 EL34s in the power stage
3 ECC83s in the preamp
True bypass series FX loop
3-band EQ
Presence control


This amplifier has such a great sound and anyone who has ever been around any type of music knows that the Marshall plexi is just one of the best. This amplifier is basically two channels in one. You have a higher low input for each channel so that gives you a total of four possible guitar to put plugs. Each one of these channels has two volume controls. This is a non-master volume amplifier so in order to get some crank distortion or overdrive you really have to crank the volume out of this amplifier. Of course if you're an apartment or small home this is not easily doable. So therefore you will need any attenuator or some sort of modification to get the amplifier to distort at lower volumes. This can be done quite easily if you push the front of the amplifier with an overdrive pedal such as an Ibanez tube screamer or a boss SD-1 pedal. Or you can or you send it out to get modified by many of the online amplifier modification specialists out there.


These amplifiers you can find new for right around $2300 or so. That is a decent price for this amplifier and certainly one that might be a little bit out of the budget range of many budgeted musicians. However you can find these all day long used very easily for probably less then half about. I have seen them as low at $100 used so I would go that way on this amp.