Yamaha LL6
Yamaha LL6

LL6, Guitare acoustique Dreadnought de la marque Yamaha appartenant à la série L.

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King Loudness 05/12/2011

Yamaha LL6 : l'avis de King Loudness (contenu en anglais)

« Great value »

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This guitar is part of Yamaha's handcrafted L Series. These guitars are noted worldwide for their rich tone, fantastic construction and general high quality all around. The LL6 is part of the lowest priced line of L Series guitars. This one has a dreadnought style body, a spruce top with a very nice hue overall, rosewood back and sides, a 3 ply neck crafted of mahogany and rosewood. The fretboard is also rosewood as well and the bridge is crafted of ebony. This model is crafted in China in the Yamaha handcrafted factory there. This model is complimented by various other body styles and sizes as well.


The design of this guitar is fairly ergonomic I would say. It is of a reasonable weight and balances very well on the body. I am not normally a dreadnought kind of person but I found this guitar quite easy to hold and to play overall. The neck has a nice medium profile that is a nice balance between thick and thin and the guitar's finish allows for smooth playability. Out of the gate the guitar is set up very well and is certainly inviting to pick up. Getting a good tone out of this guitar is quite simple. It uses great tonewood and craftsmanship to get the richest and clearest sound possible. There is no onboard electronics so the tone of this guitar is just that of a great acoustic.


The tones out of this guitar were quite surprising when I first picked it up and tried it out. It has a great controlled low end that allows for excellent chord tones that sit very well in a mix. The midrange is nice and subdued which doesn't work as well for lead breaks, but again helps chords to shine through. The high end is just the right amount to really help the instrument project clearly and distinctly. I particularly like it when tuned to an alternate tuning to get some great overtones appearing. It sounds excellent for fingerpicking styles as well as with a standard flatpick too.


All in all I feel that the Yamaha LL6 is a fantastic guitar, even without factoring price in. It combines great looks, a serious attention to detail and some great acoustic tones in an amazingly priced package. This guitar sells new for about $500 which is an absurd deal and is certainly worth it if you want a great guitar from a time tested builder of some of the finest instruments in the world.