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victormelamade 26/10/2008

Blue Microphones Baby Bottle : l'avis de victormelamade (contenu en anglais)


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The baby bottle is a large diaphragm condenser mic housed in a cartoon microphone body. Seriously, one of this mic's best assets is the way it looks. Every time I used this to record someone, they remark on how awesome it looks and they seem somewhat inspired to perform just a little bit better. That is a huge plus for this mic. In addition for the great original look, this mic is sonically very nice. The noise floor is very low on this mic even though it looks like a tube microphone. Whatever you record with this mic, assuming you have a quiet room, is going to come through as a very clean and quiet signal. It is a condenser so you need to use phantom power with it. It comes with a really unique and cool looking spider shock mount and pop filter with the Blue logo on it. It does seem like it might be a little bit fragile, so I wouldn't recommend trying to use this mic live or on a drum kit with drum sticks flying around it. You also get a really nice wooden box and velvet sleeve for storing the mic. Blue mics are also USA hand-made to very exacting specifications, so you know you will be getting a very nicely crafted microphone that will last.


This mic has a very transparent and clear sound. The one defining characteristic of this mic that does stick out though is the mid range. There is definitely some mid-range hype that goes on through this microphone, but surprisingly it never really bothers me because it still manages to sound very natural. This can even be a positive thing if you are recording something like an electric guitar where it's all about the mids anyway. This mic will get you pro quality at a discount price, all the while looking very cool. I love this mic!