Rob Papen Predator
Rob Papen Predator

Predator, Synthé virtuel hybride de la marque Rob Papen.

contenu en anglais
sw80 17/12/2012

Rob Papen Predator : l'avis de sw80 (contenu en anglais)

« Predator gives you full control over the parameters »

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I have used many Rob Papen products over the last 3 years, the Predator is not my favorite one that they have come out with but it is very good. There are just a ton of options to use and tweak to get the sound you are looking for. You can edit any and all parameters of the sounds with the easy to use interface on the Predator. The synth sounds are very good and fit my style perfectly. I also have Rob Papen Punch VST as well, that is my favorite one out of the two because I feel like the sound sounds are a bit more light and ambient. The sounds of Predator are a little harsher and aggressive which is great for some of the records that I am working on.


Installing it was pretty quick and easy. It is light on my CPU and does not take up much disk space. I have used this synth in FL Studio and in Cubase. It works great in both of those digital audio workstations and I can run many copies of it simultaneously without having to worry about it freezing or slowing down the productivity of my computer.


The sounds are awesome, it has 3 oscillators that you can tweak and get them how you want them along with a whole bunch of parameters to tweak. The filters are all manual and if you have a basic understand how of them you can get some cool sounds and effects going. Not all of the preset banks are good though, I am not a fan of the Gfunk banks, I just don’t think it feels “Gfunk-ish” at all.
The new version of Predator is out (1.6) though I have not upgrade to it yet, but I have heard that there are more ambient sounding synths. That is why I have Rob Papen Punch though, so I don’t feel the need to upgrade just yet but maybe in the future I will upgrade to Predator 1.6.