Arturia Analog Player
Arturia Analog Player
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AlanForPresident 04/05/2012

Arturia Analog Player : l'avis de AlanForPresident (contenu en anglais)

« could be better »

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The Arturia Analog Player is a virtual synth that is very light on your cpu. You will also have zero issues trying to install and use it with whatever software it is that you use. Most of the sounds are pretty good to be analog, but im just not a big fan of analog synths any more. Another thing about the Arturia Analog Player is that it just doesn’t give you enough options to edit the sounds. I think they need to add some more parameters and give the user full control over how the sounds will come out. If they fix that and add those parameters to take it to the next level I would really enjoy using the Arturia Analog Player. It just seems like more of a beginners analog synth with not too much going on. Very easy to get setup and start using, you will become bored with it after a few days to a week because there arent that many sounds, and the sounds that it has just cant be transformed like they can on some of the more popular synths that are virtual. When you are coming from synths like Nexus to this analog synth. Yes I know that its analog and you cant really compare it to a program like nexus, but my issue is there isn’t enough stuff to let your creativity come out.

The Arturia analog Player is a decent plug in, I probably wont ever use it again though. I used it strong for about 5 or 6 days, and havent thought about it or touched it since. Im not even sure if I still have it in my computer. So unless you’re a beginner or you really love analog synths and love having them on your computer then the Arturia Analog Player just wont do much for you.