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songboy 05/08/2011

FabFilter Pro-Q : l'avis de songboy (contenu en anglais)

« Vibrant and pleasing »

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This is run on a Mac Pro Duo running Snow Leopard and Logic 9. No need for a manual if you have ever use a GUI based EQ plugin, which most DAW's these days include. The interface is like all FabFilter plugins, easy to read and navigate. This one is particularly lush and vibrant with the different amount of colors that represent the frequencies. All controls are easily accessed directly or through little sub menus.


So far the Pro Q has worked great. No crashes and no glitches. I love this plugin. It performs wonderfully and is quite nice to look at and use. The ease of adding more EQ nodes via double clicking is a real convenience. You can pretty much add as many as you want and make some strange EQ curves. Even when you make some hairy ones, it's not as big of a pain to decipher each EQ node's affect thanks to the colors and the vivid separation. The Analyzer is very convenient as well and seems to be quite accurate. I have been using this plugin for 5 months.


It's hard to say what I love best about this particular EQ. For one, its very easy to read as it is decently large and very clean. It also gets points for the wonderful colors. The EQ in itself is very quality and accurate. And it has the FabFilter Standard Undo/Redo as well as A/B which is a blessing. Because of these reasons it has replaced almost completely the use of the built in Logic EQ. Nothing to hate on for this plugin. The sound quality is as good if not better than any other virtual EQ I have ever used. I have used the built in Logic and Ableton EQ's and also Presonus' Eye Q which was okay but not as good as this one graphically. Yes, I would recommend this plug in as I use it often and enjoy it thoroughly.